Paul Heldman, Managing Partner


Drawing on more than 20 years of experience in health policy, Paul Heldman specializes in translating legislative developments and policy changes – specifically for government health insurance programs, the Food and Drug Administration, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, US health spending, health-care legislation and national elections – for the investment community.

Prior to forming Heldman Simpson Partners LLC, Paul ran the health-care team at Potomac Research Group. During his seven years at Potomac, Paul focused primarily on health services and drug reimbursement issues for institutional investors.   

Paul previously spent a combined eight years at Citigroup Investment Research and Schwab Soundview Washington Research Group, where he developed a committed following of investors who participated in his weekly research calls, health-care policy conferences, and other investor/policy maker events.

Mr. Heldman honed his information-gathering skills early in his career as a reporter for Bloomberg Business News, covering the impact of policy decisions on publicly traded health-related companies. He holds a BA from Clark University.

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